How to Get UAE Tourist Visa, 2020

How to Get UAE Tourist Visa, 2020

Get UAE Tourist Visa, Visit the UAE and Do the Business As Well

UAE is a place consist f seven countries which are Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al Quwain. All of these seven countries make collectively UAE, which is the United Arab Emirates, which is maintaining the largest degree of independence. The best place to visit the UAE is Dubai because of beautiful places and natural beauty. The UAE has the strongest economy.

Most of the tourists visit UAE because it provides business and tourist activities at the same time. This is the reason that the UAE is an ideal tourist destination for everyone. It is leading as a destination place and is making remarkable participation in the field of economy.

This article will guide you about how to get the UAE tourist visa easy without any obstacle.

Types of UAE Tourists Visa

Before applying to a UAE tourist visa, you must know about the types of tourist visas so that you may apply accordingly. There are two basic types of tourist visa in UAE, which are the following:

1. Single Entry Tourist Visa

This is for a single person. It is further divided into four types depending upon the duration.

i. 3 Days Tourist Visa: This is the short duration visa and is only for three days. The fee for this visa is less than 80 USD.

  1. 14 Days Tourist Visa: The fee for this visa is 82 USD.
  2. 30 Days Tourist visa: The fee for this visa is 85 USD.
  3. 90 Days Tourist Visa: The fee for this visa is 220 USD.

2. Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

This is for the people who want to visit their family. It is further of 2 types.

i. 30 Days Tourist Visa: The fee is 260 USD.

  1. 90 Days Tourist Visa: The fee for this visa is 590 USD.

Steps for Getting the UAE Tourist Visa

The following are the important steps for getting the UAE tourist visa.

1. Documents to be required 

The first step is to complete all of the following documents:

  • Clear and scanned passport copy for each applicant
  • Passport-sized digital photographs of each applicant
  • Payment deposit slip 

2. Visa Application Form

The next step is to fill the visa application form. You must apply for the visa 5 to 7 days before your arrival in the UAE for the tourism purpose. This is because you can get the visa easily and safely enter in UAE. There should be 100% accuracy in the information that you are providing. 

3. Payment Process

After filling the form, you will get an email for the payment details. Pay the fee according to the information provided to you.

4. Submit the Documents

After the payment, you must submit the scanned documents in the given address provided to you by email. The pay deposit slip must be attached. All of the documents are submitted online.

5. Get your Visa

After the submission and the inquiry of your documents by the UAE authority, you will receive a visa for which you have been applied.


These are the quickest guidelines for you if you are looking at the UAE for the tourist visa. If you are getting bored with your daily routines, you are recommended to visit the UAE to get rid of your boring routines.

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