How to Get Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa, 2020?

How to Get Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa, 2020?

Get the Tourist Visa of Saudi Arabia And Enjoy Some Essential Days of Your Life

Saudi Arabia is one of the greatest country of entire world, especially for Muslims, as it has the precious places of the Muslims. It is the second most important tourist destination in the world. It is welcoming tourists from all over the world every day. If you are ready for the visit to a beautiful and Islamic place, then you are recommended to visit Saudi Arabia, which is such a greatest place.

But the question which arises in mind is that how one can get the tourist visa of Saudi Arabia easily. This is a tough process, especially if you are going g there for the first time. So, in this regard, this article will provide you some of the important guidelines. Follow these guidelines and get the Saudi Arabia tourist visa. The tourist visa is also called as eVisa.

Important Facts About the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa

Before applying to a tourist visa, you must know about the important facts of the Saudi Arabia tourist visa. The eVisa is available for all of the citizens of the United States, European Countries, Brunei, Singapore, and Taiwan. The eVisa consists only of entering the important and personal information of the applicant. There are some security-related questions too in the form during submission.

Types of Tourist Visa Saudi Arabia

There are two types of Saudi Arabia tourist visa. These are:

  1. Hajj Visa: This is available for the Muslim community who wish to trip for the religious purpose in Mecca in the last month of the Islamic year.
  2. Tourist eVisa of Saudi Arabia: It is especially for tourism purposes in this country. It has opened Saudi Arabia up to tourism. It is available online, so everyone can easily get it.

Steps for Getting the Tourist Visa of Saudi Arabia

The following are some of the important steps for getting the Saudi Arabia tourist visa.

1. Documents to Be Required

Some of The Important Documents Required for Getting the Saudi Arabia Tourist Visa Are Given Following.

  • Valid Passport
  • A Recent Photograph of Passport Size
  • Completed Application Form Filled with Capital Letters
  • Green Card for Non-Us Citizens

2. Application Form

The next step is to fill the application form. It can also be filled online. You must keep in mind that the application form must be filled in capital letters. All the information provided must be 100% accurate.

3. Fee Payment Process

You will get a notification after filling the form. After this, you have to pay the fee by the online process in any of the banks of Saudi Arabia.

4. Hire an Embassy/consultant

This is also one of the important processes. You must hire an embassy for you so that you are properly guided about your visa and travel agency to avoid any issue during the travel.

5. Get Your Visa

After the fee payments, you will get a notification by mail and your visa as well. Take your visa and visit Saudi Arabia.


These were the sharp guideline for you if you are looking for Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes. Moreover, if you are searching for an Islamic place for the visit purpose, then you are surely recommended for this country.

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