How to Get Qatar Tourist Visa 2020

How to Get Qatar Tourist Visa 2020

Get the Qatar Tourist Visa and Make Your Life Happy by Releasing your Daily Burden

Qatar is one of the most beautiful countries and is welcoming the hundreds of tourists every time by relaxing visa requirements as other countries have. You will enjoy the immense beauty, international entertainment and versatile architecture here. It is a global tourist destination point. If you are looking for enjoyment, then you must visit this wonderful place. This country has the highest per capita income in the world. It has the highest development level and is the third-largest reserve of natural gas and oil. 

These are the reasons that the number of tourists is increasing day by day in Qatar. There are some guidelines for you about how can you getting a tourist visa from Qatar. 

Tourist Visa Types in Qatar

Before applying to the visa, you must know about the visa tourist types in Qatar so that you may apply rightly according to your condition and needs. There are two types of visas for tourist purposes in Qatar.

  1. 90 Days Tourist Visa: This visa is only for 90 days. The total visa fee is 900 QAR for males and 1400 QAR for females.
  2. 30 Days Tourist Visa: This visa is only for 30 days. The total fee for this visa is 300 QAR for everyone.

Steps for Getting the Tourist Visa for Qatar

The steps for both of the tourist visa types are the same. These are the following:

Documents Required for Applying for A Tourist Visa

The following are some of the important documents for applying the tourist visa for Qatar.

  • Copy of The Passport
  • Guarantor Passport Copy
  • Via Fee Passport
  • Airline Ticket
  • Security Deposit Copy
  • Valid Credit Card as Proof of Enough Money

Select the Visa Type and Your Nationality

The visa type information is available on the official website of Qatar. Select the visa type according to your wish. Also, select the nationality of all of the visitors who want to visit this country. You will also get the application form along with all of the application process and fee structure.

Application Process

This is the most fundamental process for getting the Qatar tourist visa. In this process, there is a need to verify the visa, no of applicants, your email address, mobile number. After these fillings, you will get a continue button. Click that button and continue the process. 

Payments Process 

This is also one of the fundamental steps. Pay the fee through the online process. After clicking the continue button you will get a payment fee option. Pay the fee by clicking this. After the payments, you will get a notification through email.

Submit Your Documents

Submit all of the above-mentioned documents at the and also mention your visa trip ID which was received by mail. 

Get Your Visa

After submitting all of the documents you will get your visa for tourism purposes. 


These are the steps foe=r easily getting the Qatar tourist visa without facing any trouble. If you are looking for a country for tourism you must visit this country, you will enjoy a lot here. 

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