How to Get Iceland Study Visa, 2020?

How to Get Iceland Study Visa, 2020?

Follow These Guidelines; Get the Study Visa for Iceland For Getting Higher Educational Degree

Iceland is one of the famous countries due to its excellent education system. It is known for its high-quality education. It is offering courses in undergraduates and postgraduates’ level. There are seven higher educational and international intuitions working in Iceland. They are teaching courses in Iceland and English, as well. This is the reason that it is called the home of free and quality education.

One of the main reasons to study and to increase the number of international students in Iceland is that it is offering courses at affordable prices. The cost of living here is affordable too. It is offering the scholarship and exchange scholarship programs to increase the standard of education here. Iceland higher educational intuitions welcomed all of the applications sent by international students.

The students who want to study in Iceland for a higher educational degree must require a visa. So, this article will provide you with guidelines for getting the Iceland study visa.

Iceland Study Visa Process

The following are the guidelines for you to get the study visa for Iceland.

1. Search out a University

The first step is to search the university according to your interest and wish so that you may apply for a visa accordingly.

2. Higher an Embassy/ Consultant

Higher an embassy in Iceland may fully guide you for the study program and the other formalities for living in Iceland. Your visa must be approved by the Iceland directorate or the embassy.

3. Documents to Be Required

The First and Foremost Step Is to Fulfill All of The Following Documents for The Visa Application Process.

  • Valid Passport
  • Application Form
  • Acceptance Letter from The University Where You Are Going to Study
  • Medical Insurance Details
  • Proof of Financial Support
  • Passport-Sized Photograph of The Applicant

4. Application Process

Fill the application form before the deadline to the directorate of Iceland for the study visa. If you are applying for the autumn semester, then all of the documents must be submitted before the 1st of July, and if you are applying for the spring semester, then all of the documents must be submitted before 1st November.

5. Payment Process

The payment process should be fulfilled before the last date. Payment detail is available on the official website of Iceland. You will receive a confirmation email after payments.

Receive your Visa and go for Study

Receive your visa after all of the requirements have been finished. Take this visa and go for Iceland, Study there, and get a higher educational degree.

6. Avoid Doing Work

Iceland does not allow the students to work while they are enrolling in the studies. So, you should avoid any type of conduct. However, you may work after completing your studies


There were guidelines for you about how to get the Iceland study visa. You must go to Iceland if you want to get a higher education degree in such a worth full country like Iceland.

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