Foods to Avoid When You Have Braces On

Foods to Avoid When You Have Braces On

Braces Cause A Lot of Pain. They Cause Soreness in Your Mouth with All the Metal and Wires with Which They Are Constructed. The Pain and Level of Discomfort Get Even Worse If Food Is Stuck in There. It Damages the Wires or Moves Them Around, So They Are Poking Your Mouth on The Inside. However, Despite All the Trouble They Bring, They Are Surely Worth It All.

We want you to keep enjoying your life with your braces. Therefore, we have put together some foods you should avoid with braces and those foods you can eat with a little modification or carefulness.

Drinks and Foods to avoid completely

First, we will discuss the foods that you should stay well away from while having braces. If divided into two broad categories, these are:

  • Chewy and sticky foods
  • Super crunchy

These kinds of foods are indeed the worst for braces. It is hard to resist these foods. But it becomes more comfortable when you keep one thing in mind. The more you eat these things, the more damage you are doing to your braces, and the longer they will take to come off.

  1. Caramel, Chewy candy, and taffy

There are two significant side effects of these foods.

  • These treats stick to the brackets and pull them away from your teeth, weakening their effectiveness.
  • Having these treats stuck between your braces can cause tooth decay. You surely do not want to see cavities in your teeth when your braces finally come off.
  1. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum gets so caught up in the wires that it gets almost impossible to take it out. Since eating comes is the type of food that does not dissolve with saliva, it sits in your braces until you can finally take it out bit by bit. It is tough to manage that and is not worth the trouble.

  1. Popcorn

Popcorn is one of the most dangerous foods for you when you have braces. It is hard enough to eat even without the braces because the hull gets stuck in between your teeth. But with braces, it can get settled deep within your teeth. It is almost impossible to take it out and can cause infection after a while.

  1. Seeds, Nuts, and chunky peanut butter

These foods are hard to bite and chew. When you bite into these foods, they change the position of the wires. You must revisit your dentist to set them right because braces are of no use if they are not correctly aligned.  Seeds and nuts and also have hulls that get stuck right between your teeth, causing extreme discomfort.

  1. Beef jerky

Beef jerky is another food that is tough for your teeth. It is hard to tear and chew. Due to these properties, it is dangerous for your braces. The fibers of beef jerky can wrap themselves around the wire and can get stuck between your teeth.

  1. Sports drinks, soda, and Fruit juice

Beverages like soda or fruit juice have high quantities of acid and sugar in them. If you drink them daily with braces, you will end up having decayed teeth. Going through the trouble of braces will all go to waste because you will ruin your smile even before you enjoy it.

  1. Inedibles

Inedibes are things you do not consume. Inedibles include things you chew on out of habit. They include pen caps and fingernails. Chewing on inedibles can damage the wires of your braces. You should try to break this habit while you are living with braces.

  1. Carrots, Corn on the cob, and Apples

You can eat these foods by cutting them into small pieces. However, biting into them with your teeth will loosen the bracket and bend the wires. It is always safe to not bite into anything with your front teeth. Corn should be taken off the cob before consuming as well.

  1. Hard candy

You can enjoy hard candy occasionally. Too much of it can promote tooth decay. Sucking on the candy instead of chewing it is a great option. However, you must compromise and avoid gooey sweets at all costs because they are not suitable for your braces.

  1. Hard cookies

Hard cookies are tough to eat on their own. Nevertheless, you can easily make them braces-friendly by easting them after a dip in milk. Milk softens the cookies and makes them easy to chew. Still, try to eat these sugar-loaded treats as less as possible.

  1. Soft pretzels, Pizza crust, and Bagels

Bread like these is often difficult to chew. Instead of taking a bite with your teeth, use a knife to cut it into small pieces. It will make it easier for your teeth to chew these kinds of foods.

  1. Burgers

Burgers are okay to consume with braces. However, burgers get difficult to eat if you go too heavy with the toppings. Big burgers are especially hard to eat with braces. You can still enjoy them by cutting them into small pieces and then eating them. It will reduce the workload on your teeth and will help the braces stay intact.

  1. Meat on the bone

If you love ribs, chicken, or lamb meat on the bone, you can still enjoy it with your braces. All you have to do is cut it off the meat from the bone.  Use a knife for this before putting it in your mouth. Trying to bite it off with your teeth is dangerous. Bones can scrape at your braces, moving the wires around and loosening the brackets.

  1. Ice

Ice chewers need to get rid of their habit while they are wearing braces because it can damage them. Nevertheless, you can suck on ice-lollies to soothe your gums after an adjustment

Today, Braces Are Stronger and Better. However, They Still Need Care. It Is Just A Small Sacrifice to Reap Long-Term Benefits. Foods Like Soda and Candy Are Not Suitable for You, Anyway. Avoiding These Foods and Taking Care of Your Teeth When You Have Braces Will Help You Give A Breathtaking Smile You Want and Deserve.


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