7 New Cars You Could Buy Insanely Cheap


7 New Cars You Could Buy Insanely Cheap

Car Is an Item That Needs Investment: Because the cost of the vehicle itself, its insurance, registration, petrol, maintenance all adds up. However, it is something that is a source of great comfort for its owner.

In Today’s Busy World A Personal Vehicle Is Essential for Main Individuals.

It is a costly item but shopping wisely can help you get it at a reasonable price.One trick is to find cars that are only sold in South American states because vehicles from North America have unnecessary features that boost the price. 

You can buy a used car if you have a limited budget, but it will not come with the title of “new.” With a new car, you also get a manufacturer’s warranty that can help you save the repair costs for the first few months. Now, if you are looking for new cars to buy, keep reading to discover affordable cars that are worth buying.

Dodge Atos

The Basic Price Is USD 7800

If you do not want your car to be very spacious, you can buy the subcompact hatchback dodge Atos. It is a four-door car. It is 137.6 inches long in size. It has a four-cylinder, 1.1-liter engine. It is a lightweight vehicle with a top speed of 159 km per hour. A standard Atos has airbags, ABS, and air conditioning installed.

Even though it is sold with the label of Dodge, Hyundai makes it. It is a reliable, affordable, and space-efficient car, and is widely used as a taxi for these reasons. Incredible offers are given on Atos now because Dodge i10 replaced it.

2. Dodge i10

Base Price is 8600 USD

It is also manufactured in India. It also has a four-cylinder, 1.1-liter engine. However, unlike the previous model, the standard car does not come with an air conditioner installed within. It is better space-wise with a 140.35 inches long structure. More space for legs has been given for the backseat passengers, and the front seats can accommodate drivers of all heights.

The i10 is attractive and stylish with pulled-back headlamps, integrated clear lens fog lamps, and chrome-lined grille. It also has a chrome-lined boot release handle. If you can spend a little for than the base price, it also comes in a better and grander version with more space sleeker styling.

3. Nissan March

The Base Price is USD 9100

The Nissan March is a car that has been described as happy looking because of its appearance. It has large headlights and a double-layer grille. It is a sporty little hatchback and is made in Thailand. With a high roof and ample legroom, it is a very comfortable car for both the driver and passengers alike. The interior style of the vehicle is based on circles, with a circular disc for ventilation, round vents, and audio controls.

It has a 1.2 litre, three-cylinder engine, and speed capacity of 152 km per. The automatic version of the car comes with an air conditioner preinstalled but not the manual version. The suspension can deal with the ridges and bumps of city driving but is not equipped for off-the-road drives. Overall it is a sturdy and comfortable vehicle.

4. Chevrolet Beat

The Base Price is 9700 USD

The Chevrolet Beat is also available in the US under the name “Spark,” but there its cost increases because of the United States regulations, and it also includes ten airbags. However, in South America, you can buy the 103-hp, four-cylinder, 1.6-liter engine without costly unnecessary features. GM Daewoo in South Korea manufactures the Chevrolet Beat.

The car has understated rectangular headlights, unlike its previous model that had cat-eye lights. The latest car front has a lower front fascia, and the rear has a new hatch door and taillights. On the inside, the revised Beat has a centre stack, stylish gauge cluster, and an updated infotainment system.

5. VW Nuevo Gol

The Base Price is USD 9950

It is built in Brazil. The Gol is like the VW Polo, but it is a few inches shorter. The engine is different across the South. In Mexico, it has a four-cylinder, 1.6-liter engine. The Gol is an ideal car if you have a family. Because it offers you a secure backseat and other safety increasing features including

  • extremely safe ISOFIX anchorages

ABS braking

  • seat belt alarm

Many additional comforts adding features are built in the standard model as well, including electric windows, third headrest in the back, and a rear parking signal. You will also enjoy the system that allows you to connect the car with your cell phone and control it with the buttons on the steering wheel.

6. Ford Ikon

The Base Price is USD 10,200

The Ford Ikon is almost twinning with the Ford Fiesta. Both models are available to be purchased across South America. The Ikon is a rare and cost-friendly sedan; however, it also comes in a hatchback version. You can select the version according to what you prefer. It has a four-cylinder, 1.6-liter engine and has a five-speed manual transmission. It is a sturdy car and can be handled easily and can withstand rough driving.

The one problem that is seen in Ikon is its maintenance cost. Ford usually prefers to replace the parts rather than repairing them. It is due to this that the repairing price of an Ikon can be very high. Some users complained that the car’s interior does not include a place to store anything.

7. VW Vento

The Base Price is USD 10,900

The Volkswagen Vento replaced VW Clasico when it came to the market in 2014. South America introduced it. In terms of engine availability, it has two options

A naturally aspirated gasoline, 1.6-liter engine with a six-speed automatic or a five-speed manual gearbox.

A 1.6-liter diesel engine, which works only with a five-speed manual gearbox (TDI)

The most affordable version of this car is “Style.” A standard model includes air conditioner, remote trunk opening, power locks, and 3-point seat belts in both the back as well as front seats. It has single front headlights, three read dome lights, centre rear brake light, ABS, driver and passenger airbags, four speakers, and electric windows.


With Thorough Research and Careful Consideration, You Will Be Able to Find Your Best Match. Cars That Are No Longer Made or Used in Your Country Can Be Very Affordable Because Car Dealers Look for Ways to Get Rid of Them to Make Room for The New Ones. Sporty Hatchbacks Are Ideal for City Driving and Are Highly Affordable. A Sedan Can Be A Little Expensive, But It Is Suitable for Families as It Is Spacious. Your Best Shot Is to Give Some Time and Effort to Find the Car That Is Best Suited to Your Requirements.

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